At Shootback Media We Take Charge Of Your Project From Start To Finish

Our strength lies in analysing your communication needs and then designing an innovative strategy that uses a variety of channels and tools best suited to delivering your message to your desired target market.

Our combined communications and project management skills mean we can identify and develop deliverables, milestones, allocate costs, assign resources, manage the process, and report timeously on all aspects of your campaign.


In Order To Change Behaviour, You Have To Build Trust

The community outreach model that we have developed and used extensively ensures that we conduct meaningful engagements that inform and educate Somali’s,

Our model involves extensive advocacy work to ensure that local community structures and leaders buy-in and support the project from the get go. We also have an extensive network of trained and experienced community facilitators that deliver the message to the people.

In addition, we develop communication campaigns that support this outreach, reinforcing and amplifying the messages being delivered in the community dialogues or engagements. From community radio right through to mobile media activations and media relations, we ensure that your brand is highly visible within the communities we are working in.

We do that by identifying appropriate media for the target market and then using those channels to talk to your audience in their own language. We produce all our materials, conduct all our outreach, and design all our media in all or any combination of the official different languages.


As Technology Changes So Does Our Means Of Communication

Somalia future is mobile, particularly amongst lower income groups, as it offers brands the opportunity to place communication directly into the palm of the consumer, avoiding the clutter of traditional media and singling out the consumer.

Consumers today use technologies that provide them with extensive options, information and choices. Today’s consumers want us to listen to them, communicate with them, connect them to opportunities. Through digital communication we can build individual relationships through which we can form loyal consumer communities.

Our digital media offering includes:

  • Strategy development
  • Campaign creation and implementation
  • Website and mobisite design, development and maintenance
  • Social media strategy development
  • Content and community management on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and more

We use strategies that make use of an innovative combination of content that makes use of rich multimedia, influencers and advertising to increase reach, interaction and engagement with target markets. Social media is an extraordinary opportunity for businesses to generate extensive coverage of the messaging that they want to share, as well as encourage active engagement with their brands. We can help you gain traction with your target market on social media.


Through Different Form Of Two-Way Media Research Projects, We Enable Our Partners To Listen To The Views Of People As Expressed In Real Time Engagement

Our research involves collect digital data on people’s beliefs and opinions, we spark dynamic and inclusive discussions in popular forums, including radio and social media. Working with carefully selected and locally trusted media partners, we develop open-ended questions for audiences which they can respond to via free SMS, instant messaging, or social media. We consider how these questions will be processed and answered by audiences, then test and tailor for comprehension and cultural contexts.

Follow-up surveys ask for socio-demographic information (e.g. gender, age, and location) to allow for comparisons between groups, as well as closed questions (e.g. related practices). Within these forums, opinions and beliefs are expressed spontaneously, resulting in authentic citizen-generated data.


Research Shows That More Somali’s Listen To The Radio Than Consume Any Other Media

So, it follows that a radio campaign is one of the most effective ways to get your message out to the people, and to get people talking about it.

Our radio models include drama, production, PSA recordings and talk show development and implementation. We work in all official languages, with all radio stations – both commercial and community – in the country. We have two fully equipped radio/TV studios and an in-house production team.

We have three editing suites on site and we work with a range of directors, writers and producers to produce video content of the highest quality. We produce programming for broadcast use as well as video content for our corporate clients.


We Are Skilled At Developing Big Ideas And Rolling Out A Concept Across A Variety Of Touch Points

We work with a range of above-the-line agencies, digital specialists, freelancers and creative minds in a variety of fields to come up with innovative concepts and eye-catching design. We understand what it takes to manage a creative campaign and have a knack for producing extraordinary content for our clients.